How can I place Order for an artwork from the Featured Collection? How is my Order progressed? How long will it take for the artwork(s) to reach me?

Note: You cannot view/ add artworks from Other Collections into the Shopping Basket. Please see next FAQ on how to Place Order for artwork from Other Collections.

Note: You pay nothing during Checkout. We will contact you to initiate Payment for you Order. 


Watch out for our emails. 


* Covid lockdowns and restrictions may affect print and delivery services.

  How can I place Order for an artwork from Other Collections? How is my Order progressed? How long will it take for the artwork(s)to reach me?


a. You will have to create separate orders if you'd like to order multiple print types and/ or multiple artworks.

b. To buy artworks from the Featured Collections, use the Shopping Basket as outlined in above FAQ.

Note: You pay nothing while placing Order. We will contact you to initiate Payment for you Order. 


Keep an eye out, for our emails. 


* Covid lockdowns and restrictions may affect print and delivery services.

  Where can I use these Fine Art Prints/ Artworks?

Unlike regular photo prints or commercial prints, Fine Art Prints/ Artworks are professional photographs printed on very high quality media using non-toxic pigment inks. The UV-resistant pigment inks used in printing these artworks provide a stunning colour rendition. Unlike commercial prints, archival prints last several decades without fading or fraying.

The Artworks can be used as indoor décor in homes, office spaces, restaurants and art galleries (but not limited to these). These artworks are also an excellent choice of gift, to gift your colleagues, clients, family, friends and dear ones.

Here are few trending ideas:

  I am interested in buying Artwork to donate to charities and other social causes. Can I get a discount?

If you are looking to donate to charities and other social causes and on the lookout for discounts, please contact us.

  Are the prints matte or glossy?

The paper and canvas prints that we offer have a matte/ textured finish. Glossy prints reflect light and produce glare, which tends to distract a viewer. It is also a matter of personal preference when it comes to finish. Lustre or pearl finish is an in-between choice. While this finish is not part of our standard offering, if you are keen to opt for it, we will be able to customize, charges for which need to be worked out based on image size and paper choice.

  Are prints available in larger or smaller sizes?

Yes. You can opt for prints in smaller or larger size other than what is offered on the website. We will confirm whether for a particular image, custom print size is possible or not. If possible, difference in cost will be applicable. For certain sizes, there maybe wastage of paper while printing. Cost in such cases may be marginally higher.

Note: Some prints are available only on certain materials and (or) only in certain sizes. This is simply an artistic decision if a photograph is best suited, for example, on canvas or fine paper, etc. 

  Do you customise prints?

 Are there any additional customisation charges?

No. There are no extra customisation charges. But a difference in cost as per the choice of paper, size and frame may be applicable.

  I am located outside India. Can I buy your Artwork?

You can definitely buy our Artwork. The Currency used across the website is Indian Rupees and you can use that as a price indicator. Currency conversion (at prevalent exchange rate) would be done to your equivalent currency and communicated to you, when we contact you for offline payment. A nominal conversion fee will apply. 

BUT, the catch is, we currently do not ship to International locations. But do contact us, we can try to work out some option so that the Artwork reaches you. 

  Do you do international shipping?

Currently we do not ship to international locations. Kindly reach out to us for options. 

  Who holds the copyright to the artwork once I purchase it? 

Copyright for the photographs is retained by the original creator, Ruben Alexander.  All Rights Reserved.  Copyright does not transfer to buyers or collectors.   

  Why does the print look different from my monitor?

  I placed an order for a print, but I want to cancel. What can I do?

We want our customers to feel happy about the products they purchase. However under certain conditions, we offer cancellation and refund options. Please read T&Cs.

How to care for prints?

  What services do you provide?

We will be happy to provide the following services at no additional cost -

 How do you package the Artwork? 

We use loads of bubble wrap and cardboard for packaging the Artworks!

Proper packaging does more than ensure that your items arrive unbroken. It ensures that you can transport them safely. But, wherever possible, we will reuse cardboard and bubble wrap from other consignments.


Do your bit for the environment!

Tips to Reuse and Recycle Bubble Wrap and Cardboard

You can either reuse or recycle bubble wrap, and there are many ways to do that. Below is a list of options for recycling and reusing bubble wraps. 

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  What if my package arrives damaged? 

  I am interested in other products and other photographs